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Roberto Sarto's more sustainable choices


Roberto Sarto’s more sustainable choices

The impact of fashion on the environment is significant. To limit these consequences, responsible production with sustainable materials is essential for us. We make agreements about this with our suppliers. Because this change and improvement process never stops, we are in constant discussion about our sustainability strategy. We have already partially or fully realized the following points.



Our collections are made of high-quality materials that stay beautiful for a long time and last several seasons. We consciously make more sustainable choices in our material use, but 100% sustainable does not exist. For example, we work with organic cotton, Tencel, Ecovero viscose and recycled polyester. These more sustainable items can be recognized by the green logo. Out of respect for animal welfare, we do not work with fur, angora and cashmere.



We only work with certified factories where working conditions are good and safe. More than 70% of our production is made in Europe. In addition to transport benefits, the EU regulations also apply here. Dyers have water treatment plants that meet high EU standards. We also knit our articles as much as possible "fully fashion", this means that the garments are knitted in shape and less residual waste is created in the production process. Our clothing guarantees years of wearing pleasure. We only produce what we sell and keep minimum (service) stocks. This ensures that there is no overproduction that has to be dumped.



We separate our waste and urge our suppliers to use as little plastic / packaging material as possible. Residual materials such as fabrics and yarns go to schools and institutions. In addition, our offices and warehouses are equipped with energy-saving LED lighting, which means that we have achieved energy savings of 40%. We hope to start installing solar panels on our warehouse roof soon. The yield is estimated at 500,000 kWh. This makes us climate neutral with regard to electricity. Our fleet consists of 40% 100% electric vehicles. There are many plants that naturally regulate temperature and humidity in order to maintain a healthy climate in our offices. As a result, we need less air conditioning and air exchange and we save on our energy costs. Finally, we naturally offer our customers fair trade coffee and tea.

A lot of small steps in the right direction eventually become one big step.